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Our history began in 2003, when Eye-Lens Pte Ltd has been established as a distributor of Medical Devices. Eye-Lens is a Singapore based company, who has put together a team of multi-disciplinary professionals, working together to achieve one goal - helping our partners to grow their business in Japan and South East Asia. Over the years, Eye-Lens has been successfully distributing and marketing medical products, becoming the largest international distributor for many international companies. We are selling medical products manufactured in the US, Europe, Israel, Korea, India and Singapore. As of now, we are supplying medical equipment to over one thousand clinics.

Our areas of focus has always been Lifestyle Medical Products, in the fields of Ophthalmology and Medical Aesthetics. Products that help people restore their beauty, feel more confident and happier. In year 2010, recognizing the busy lifestyle of many individuals, and the growing demand for beauty products that can be used at the convenience of customer’s home, we started selling beauty devices for home use. Our home beauty devices are shipped by us to your doorstep, all over the world.

We are selecting our products carefully. We only offer products that are safe, unique, innovative and best-in-class. Having vast knowledge and successful track record in distribution of medical devices, Eye-Lens has the experience and capability to thoroughly evaluate products and provide the customers with the very best.

We believe the power to radiate beauty lies in every person. We wish to awaken that power and create a more beautiful tomorrow for our customers!

The key people who run the Eye-Lens Business

Jun Torihata – Chairman

  • Over 30 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Eye Care industry
  • Former Vice President of Pharmacia (Pfizer) Japan and President of Pharmacia Ophthalmics Japan
  • Director of Shinagawa LASIK Centre - Singapore
  • Extensive network and connection with leading professors, doctors and distribution channels in Japan and Asia.

Nir Ellenbogen – Managing Director

  • Over 25 years of experience in the Medical Devices, Eye Care, Medical Aesthetics and High Tech industries
  • Former CEO of NeuroVision Inc and NeuroVision Pte Ltd
  • Multidisciplinary, broad experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Clinical trials, Regulatory
  • Highly networked with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, distributors, manufacturers and investors in Singapore, Japan and South East Asia

Eye-Lens Private Limited

Company Name : EYE-LENS PTE LTD
Address : 8 Eu Tong Sen Road #19-97, Singapore, 059818
Managing Director : Nir Ellenbogen
Company Email :
Phone Number (English) : +65 6323-2883 (Hours: 09:00-18:00 [GMT+8] on Weekdays)
Hours of Operation : Mon-Fri 10:00~18:00
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Transaction Currency (USD) & any additional fees : 1. Shipping: Free
2. Handling: Free
3. Customs/VAT: Depends on location, costs paid by the end customer
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Delivery Company : FEDEX International
Delivery time : It varies by country, but typically 10-15 days from the day of your order.
Accepted Payment Methods : Credit Card and Paypal
Return Period : Within 30 days from the date of your order (*) Subject to our terms & conditions
Delivery refused : If delivery is refused, the customer will bear both the shipping and return costs for the item.